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About me

Shanjanah Thamar

Constant change between art & healing

The first interest, that I showed as a small child, were in herbs and music.

Every saturday morning my mother went to a market in Berlin with us, and the stall I loved most, was the stall with the herbs.

The pretty saleswoman told me a lot

about which herb can heal people.

I found that incredibly beautiful!

Dry flower, that can heal people!!!

As a child, I was sure: This is a good witch!

Such a heartfelt beautiful woman,who could make something out of various

herbs, that heals people!


The desire to help and heal remained in me and accompanied even the time, in which I earned my living as a freelance


Most of my income I spent on physical education and health training.

Here are a few of my certified training and further education:

  • State certified gymnastics teacher
  • New dance
  • Structural integration according to Dr. Ida Rolf
  • Health advice after Dorn/Breuss
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • R.E:S:E:T
  • etc...

During my time as a dancer I taught as a teacher and gradually turned over to

individual training.

I fully focused on a variety of issues and tried to find solutions.

I studied on my own and went on various



Here are just a few of my area of interest:

  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Breathing
  • Habits
  • Psyche
  • Coaching
  • Meditation
  • Self-healing methods
  • Self-healing techniques
  • Energy
  • etc.....

And here are some of my favourite authors:

  • Stephen R. Covey
  • Ray Long
  • Dr. Ida Rolf
  • Hulda R. Clark
  • Galina Shatalova
  • Charles Duhigg
  • Patrick McKeown
  • Rüdiger Dahlke
  • Joe Dispenza
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Anthony William

Beside my desire to heal there was always the music.

Music is like magic to me.

Different songs seem so different to us humans.

I've been singing, since I was a child, and always wished to make a living from it.

My daughter loved it, when I sang to her.

She was my biggest fan, when she was little, and she could not get enough of the Good Night songs.

Sometimes I found it very difficult to sing to her - when I was not in a positive emotion - .

I was not aware of that.

And even if I had known, I still would not have understood, how I could have changed that condition.

The desire to be able to live from art was

opposed to the desire to help.

And by the way, it felt selfish to"waste" my time by just making music.

I thought, it was esoteric nonsense to feel, that music has a vibration and can heal.

There was also a fundamental point:

I did not dare !

It took a damn long time, before I took the step here.

Many conversations with my dearest friends were necessary, until I could overcome myself, and actually listened to my inner voice.

Mind you, this voice had become quite quiet, as I had ignored it for years!

Today I think, everything I learned, experienced and read, is the cornerstone

that I needed, to start this project.

And in the meantime I'm sure:

What I feel in music, is not esoteric nonsense!

Now my desire to be artistically active and at the same time want to help and heal no longer excludes !