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Live-Chant-Journey for groups


You can choose between different "destinations":

  • inner power place
  • self love/ love
  • joy
  • hope
  • life
  • forgiveness (one self and the other)
  • inner child
  • female energy
  • inner peace
  • And - only for groups, with whom I am already familiar:
    • grief/pain - suppressed feelings
    • shadow - ego



  • You have a group and the room.
  • I'll bring my own little sound system.
  • The journey usually lasts 1 hour plus preparation and follow-up.


Chanting together in the group

The vibration of music multiplies enormously, when you sing the notes yourself.

If you're worried how the singing's gonna work, send the worries straight away away !

If you don't like singing in the beginning, it's enough to hum along quietly at first.

Also here you can choose between different themes/vibrations:

  • love
  • joy
  • hope
  • pain
  • energy charging
  • mourning
  • mystic - find your own spirituality

With the topics mourning/pain we end the hours with another topic: (love, joy, hope),

because I do not want to leave you in the previous vibration.

In my opinion, being able to feel and live through something within a protected framework offers the possibility of to be allowed to let go and to be able to.



  • You have a group and the room.
  • I'll bring my own little sound system,.
  • We chant for 1 to 2 hours.

You can find more information about this offer under: Chanting FAQ's