My Chants - Chanting FAQ - Deutsch


What does chanting stand for?

Chants represent spiritual recitative vocal music, including, but not limited to mantras, repeating clear melodies and words.

Chanting healing singing.

The generated vibration, solving fears und reducing stress, is conducing to healing processes and - improves your own vibration.

What does chanting mean to me?

For me chanting is detached from any religion.

The clearly noticeable generated vibration is important.

By choosing different themes as love, forgiveness, our inner child, I translate my feelings into notes- and thus into vibration.


So- each session is dedicated to a different topic.

What does it do to the listener?

Vibrations act on each of our cells.

Imagine the picture of a glass of water in front of your eyes, on whose surface the water begins rippling with certain sounds.

That's what happens to you when chanting.

Our body has a very high water content.


Why should the water in our body react differently to the sound than the water in a glass?

How does it work live?

I come with my equipment (box,loopstation, microphone) to you in the group.

Together we discuss the chosen topic.

You make yourself comfortable and cuddle up.

Like in a dream journey your mind wanders deeper into yourself- while I'm chanting.

Each member is on his own journey,

and at the same time we are together on this journey, because the vibrations are

amplified by each one.

In those common chanting sessions I lead you to sing or hum tunes.

If you do not like to sing along for whatever reason, it's absolutely ok,if you just hum along softly.


This increases the effect, because the vibration becomes much stronger, producing the sounds ourselves.

How does it work technically?

I use a box, a microphone and a loopstation.

During the session I sing the different voices live, then sing more voices about it.

This is how the music peaces are created,

as they can be found on my youtube Channel.

If we chant together, I also sing two or three voices over the loopstation.

Then we sing or hum more on it.