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Ten weeks course - Feelings

German & English

10 weeks, in which you trigger the following 10 feelings topics.



I'll send you an email with questions and inspirations for the week.

In addition you will receive the data for the password-protected area.

In this area you will find your weekly theme associated Chant as Mp3 download.

(This Chant is not freely available on the net on YouTube.)

You will receive the work and meditation

instructions for the respective Chant.

10 weeks classes

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Online-classes FAQ's

How much time should you spend weekly on this course?

Optimal would be three times a week for 30 to 60 minutes.

If you do not make it so compact in time,

you can also take your time.

You can also stay in a topic for 2 or 3 weeks.

After the activation of the course, the course is available for you for 1 year.

Thus you can only one or two times a week make your unity. 

What groups of people are using my online-chanting-Courses?

If you want to consciously use it for a while:

to discard old patterns of behavior

  • to get to know you
  • to heal
  • to feel again
  • to forgive you and others
  • to bring more joy and love into your
  • everyday life....,

then these courses are just right for you.

You confront yourself consciously and in a safe frame with different topics, releasing old negative structures in order to create space for something new - for healing.

Basically you heal yourself !

Not my classes or my music heal you.

In these courses I give you a map, that leads you to different secret places in yourself.

There are always tasks to do there.

Think of it as an adventure game:

You have to turn on an energy source here,

sometimes you have to chase dark shadows out of your paradise, so that it will become your paradise again.


It's exciting and adventurous, full of magic and still reality - your reality !

In our minds, souls and hearts there are such immense landscapes, that one could become dizzy at the idea.

We only ever move with our body on the earth.

But our mind wanders through time and space.

Why do we always have to approach everything so seriously and structured without the magic and imagination of our childhood ?


I believe, that the ability we had as children, namely to dress so much in fantastic pictures, can help us again, when we bring back this ability to life.

Most of us need to shed this ability early to learn to accept the "harsh reality".

I intend you in the course to rediscover your childish imagination and to discover your rich inner world with childish adventurous eyes.

These courses are designed to help you find your way through yourself and to activate and use the powers in you.

Of course you can also find the right one for you in my free online-chants. That's

definitely good.

In my courses, which are a lot more differentiated than the free offers, you will be led chant for chant.

One destination after the other you will run and explore.



I wish you endless fun on your own adventure trip !

What are you doing in these units?

You hear the theme Chant and embark on your own Chant journey to the respective destination:

  • hope
  • grief
  • sadness
  • forgiveness
  • joy
  • etc...

After this trip you reflect yourself and your feelings.

You answer questions and make your own notes.

Subsequently (only after exhausting Chant

trips) you are dealing with another Chant,

which brings you back to a balanced basic condition.

Your heart, your spirit and your soul may calm down again and feel peace, joy and gratitude.

You end this session with a few more notes.


To the additional Topics:

In addition you will be confronted with the topics, which contain tips and information

On how to rethink and change your lifestyle.

  • nutrition
  • breathing
  • exercise


First of all: Why do I address these issues ?

  1.  90 percent of the people who approach me have 1 to 100 physical complaints. I am convinced, that a large part of the complaints can be changed by a changed eating, movement and breathing pattern.
  2. 90 percent of all women feel, that they do not have their ideal weight. But more security and knowledge about what is good and healthy, gives you clarity about what supportsyour body and leads you to the ideal weight.

I don't work with Dont's in my online classes.

In the course of my trainer time I have noticed, that there is not really an absolute wrong or right.

I will give you inspiration and tips, my imagination, idea and experience of how

I would realize it.

This can be woven more easily into your life and your everyday life than if you hear from the outset, what you are not allowed to do.

Of course I'll also give some clues about inappropriate food.

But they're not prohibitions.

The more you know, the less your addictive structures can fool you.

We work with mini-steps.

This way you will learn new behaviours faster and easier.

Through the tips, i.e. eating habits, affirmation and reflection, it will be much easier for you to let go of bad habits.

You no longer need them, when your body and mind get the food, that really provides


them with good energy.


Everyone carries responsibility for themselves and their health.

Accordingly it is up to each one of them

to decide which way to choose and try.

I am not responsible for any psychological reactions to certain Chant trips !

Only you can decide and determine, what is good, wearable and healthy for you.

If you are mentally unstable, I advise you

not to book this course.

If you place yourself on your dark side, that can - in unstable condition - be unfavorable.

Please discuss with your doctor or therapist before embarking on such a thing.

I would also like to say, that I am not a miracle healer !

I have developed these Chant journeys from my own experience.

I do not promise you that you will experience spontaneous healing through them.

But one thing I can tell you with certainty:


Everything you need to heal is in yourself!

I can only trigger it with my music and my experience.

If you honestly and bravely embark on the journey and allow your feelings - in a frame that is protected for you - and work on them, you allow healing.

You dispose of garbage from body and soul, garbage, that you carried around with you for years.

And finally we all carry this trash around with us.

So I recommend that you intuitively look for the concept, that you want to work with and get involved with it.

There are many concepts of impressive people who had to go through their own depths, and through those experiences submit their healing concepts to others.


On the net there are absolute diamonds AND quacks!   So pick out a concept for yourself that does not promise you heaven on earth - without your pledging.